“Mindblowing. The applications for this are countless."

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Metaverse Studio Build augmented reality adventures for family, friends & fans in minutes

“I built a scavenger hunt for my girlfriend and proposed at the end... she said yes!"

“You can build your own Pokemon Go"

Happening in the Metaverse

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What early creators are saying

“Metaverse is a new medium, potentially the invention of a new genre of interactive film... The opportunities that exist for storytellers large and small are staggering."

Michael Eisner

Investor, Former CEO of Disney

Metaverse Studio 

Build augmented reality adventures for family, friends & fans in minutes

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Blink 182 Tickets in the Metaverse

“I’m proud to say that we’re the first radio station to use augmented reality, at least as far as I know.”

Josh Hammond

Disneyland is Augmented

“The whole park is dotted with new takes on classic favorites”

Emma Felicity

Metaverse in Classrooms

“Metaverse let’s you, the teacher, create educational experiences, just as captivating as a Charizard”

Ines Rodriguez

Capture a Moment in Time

“I created an experience where users can see what art was up today… and compare it to whatever will be up there in the future”

Amanda Jacobs

Nicole Johnson

“Why pay $20 and get crammed into a van when you can enjoy a celebrity tour from the comfort of your own car.”

Homes of Movie Stars Maps in the Metaverse

This Spooky Tour Will Show You Haunted Places Near You

“The first thing I created was a tour of all the haunted spots in SoCal”

Steven Jones

See what creators are making

See what creators are making

In the News

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Father and son authors created a scavenger hunt at Barnes & Noble to promote their book.

Caroline created a quest to visit the top 21 breweries in San Diego. The Metaverse team attempted complete it in one day. Hilarity ensued.


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